Group Buying Discounts

Group Buying Discounts

We offer special pricing based on the number of people in your club or group that are looking for apparel, accessories or gear.

This can work one of two ways:

1. You and a few of your friends need a new jacket or similarly priced product. In this scenario please email us at and tell us how many people are involved, what items and sizes you need, and where they need it to be shipped. We will put together a no-obligation estimate for you that will include your discount. Once you and your friends have had a chance to look over and approve the estimate I will send the invoice. The invoice must be paid in one transaction and the order will be mailed to one address in as few packages as possible.

2. You belong to a club or large group of people and would like a discount but you do not want to order as a group. In this scenario please email us at and provide information about the club or group; size, location, chapters. We need to be able to verify the information provided through a webpage, Facebook page, news article, registration, etc. Based on the information provided we will set up a discount code in our store that your group will be able to use at checkout.

Note: The group order scenario has larger discounts as you not only save on volume but also processing and shipping. That is why the order is done on one ticket and shipped to one address. If you have any questions feel free to email us at