Best Price Guarantee

Heritage Moto has a Best Price Guarantee which means you will never pay too much. If you see a regularly stocked item online for a lower price than we have listed, submit an inquiry through our email, we are happy to do what we can!

Include the following information:
– Item you are looking to price match.
– URL to web page where you found the lower price listed.
– Your contact information.
– Once we receive your request, we will verify that your item(s) qualify, and get back to you with an email that will allow you to complete your order at the adjusted price.

***If your item(s) are not eligible for a price match, we will respond letting you know why.***

– All price match requests are handled at the sole discretion of Heritage Moto.
– Only publicly advertised prices are matched.
– Competitor must be an authorized U.S. dealer.
– Items priced less than $50 are not eligible to be price matched .
– All Amazon listings are excluded.
– All eBay listings (auctions, buy it now, etc) are excluded.
– Price matched items cannot be combined with other promotions or discount codes .
– Any applicable shipping and/or handling fees will be included when calculating the price difference.
– Several manufacturers have pricing (discounting) policies in place, prohibiting us from discounting their goods, either at all or beyond a certain percentage.
– If you have already placed an order with us, we cannot price match if the order has been processed, please email us beforehand.

Sales Tax
– Heritage Moto is required by law to collect sales tax in any state in which we have nexus. When price matching, we will match the total cost of getting the item(s) to your front door, and then add tax when applicable.