Our Journey

We believe that the American Spirit is the American Rebel; this is the land of McQueen, Keroac, Hemingway and Cash. You’re a rider that believes in continuing that tradition, you know that real freedom is only found on the open road, below blue skies, on your bike. It may seem like you live on the outskirts of traditionalism, but we know the real truth- everyone else has changed and you believe in keeping our heritage of mavericks and nonconformists alive, which is why at Heritage-Moto we say: Long Live the Anti-Hero.

Our motto comes from our attitude; our logo comes from our home, we think the best rides in America are through the mountain roads of Colorado experiencing the vastness of the American West. We don’t really care where you ride-just that you do, and you wear our gear when it happens.

Why Heritage Moto?

The spirit of the American biker lives on forever, but none of us are immortal. That’s why we believe in blending style and safety, while being accessible to every rider, so you are outfitted for every journey. We specialize in everything you would need to properly protected by the industries top brands and we will make sure that you look good wearing it. Don’t care about style? We can make you look a little more Neil Armstrong than Clint Eastwood if that’s your preference. Above all, we will make sure you understand the safety of every product you buy from us.