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Leather Dye Transfer

Leather Dye Transfer

Leather dye transfer, AKA “bleeding” or dye-rub-off, usually happens when a new leather product gets wet. The chances of dye transfer happening increases if the leather in question was not drum-dyed.

If you find yourself dealing with leather that is bleeding make sure to keep the garment away from porous materials or anything that can easily absorb pigments. (i.e. light-colored clothing, lighter leathers, etc.)

The best solution to this problem, that I have found, is to soak the leather in warm water for anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. If you choose to soak it longer and want to extract more dye you can also change the water from time to time. Some people also recommend a mild detergent such as Woolite but I find detergent to be unnecessary if unwanted dye transfer is your main concern. Keep in mind that you are not trying to wash the leather you are just trying to pull excess dye off the very outer layer. As a side note, soaking leather is also a method of break-in used so please keep that in mind when trying this.

Wide HangerOnce you have removed the excess dye let the leather air-dry slowly so it doesn’t shrink. I recommend wearing the leather while it dries for the perfect form fit but you can also use a wide-hanger with shoulder support. (pictured left, specialty hangers can be purchased online)

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